Friday, 30 December 2011

Tomato - itis

Of all the people to fall fowl to an accidental lack of sunscreen; the least likely would be the Irish skinned Lime having grown up here and also being my chief lecturer in my own application of sunscreen. You would think...

A post Christmas round of golf went awry as he forgot to sunscreen his legs. 2 days later he has cankles from the swelling and is rather 'sensitive' shall we say. There is limping. Some groaning. Difficulty with anything touching te legs an general radiating warmth coming from them.

To top it off the tomato ness has added to the symptoms and suffering of a man on the verge of man flu. Or at least a chest infection. (I'm praying it won't become full blown manflu). This is being blamed on skype. As both ma and pa marsh have been sick with lurgy of late. And Lime saw them both. Through skype. So skype is at fault I have been told!!

So between the hobbling and the coughing my man has Tomato itis. If your man starts suffering from this contact me for tips and tricks. Cold cloths and super duper strong nurofen work well and are complimented by cough medicine (the drowsy option is best if available).

Fun times.... Which has unfortunately meant our Christmas time off involving loitering around the house. We have an exciting new year planned involving sitting on the couch or directly in front of the aircon with the mercury rising and expected at 36 by Sunday... With a sick man too. Yey...

Happy New Year! x x

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