Friday, 23 December 2011

Something small and shiny?

Lime asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Amongst my list was a basket for my bike. So I can take picnics on our bike rides. The usual fabulous variety of Lush produce presented in a keeps box/tin. But that was pretty much it as we bought each other bicycles as early Crimbo pressure in September.

On that note - last Saturday I saw my first wild blue tongue lizard. And I gave his head a good stroke while he struggled to nibble at lime. This wa the point Lime demonstrated to hold the lizard behind his front legs so he couldn't get the leverage to reach round and bite you. I don't think he understood we weren't going to kill him. I just wanted to pet him and we wanted him out of the way in case the next cyclist suspected him of being a branch and safe to cycle over. Silly lizard.

Anyhoo, so yes we bought bikes. So for Christmas we are on a set limit. And Lime said to me "you like all shiny small things". Yes, yes I do honey - you can buy these really pretty small shiny circular shaped items which have transparent rocks attached to them - small. And shiny. Winner!

Then I get a text soooo much better. With the tag 'Merry Christmas'. We have a new latch on the gate to our units. Oh my god this is fabulous!! We have been woken twice in just one night by our lazy arse neighbors who can't be bothered to bolt the gate. And the prevailing Melbourne winds slam that gate repeatedly, irritatingly and noisily.

The lazy arse neighbors live far enough from the gate to not be woken, irritated or even mildly concerned over te gates unbolted issues.

For 18 months we have been promised a 'fix'. Well we have had one. It is called Lime the saviour. Lime the handyman. Lime 'I will invoice the building managers' McDonnell.

And he bought me a fabulous present both shiny and small that I shall cherish for as long as we live in this unit. Which was the bargain price of $4.95. (he will need to spend more than that one day for a small shiny present...) ;o)

Merry Christmas!

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