Friday, 30 April 2010


Cups did a good job! But I'm still buying scales when I find them!

The cup family

For weeks my inability to find kitchen scales has frustrated me!
Hoping to make banana cake was like thinking I could pop round the
corner and have a cuppa with my mum - hi mum!
So the Melbourne girlies questionned my complete lack of domestic
godessness and eyebrows were raised when I had no idea how to use
But I bit the bullet. And while foraging in the local corner shop with
Elaine for hang over breakfast material I found cups!
And even a conversion table for grams to tablespoon measurements!
So tonight I'm attempting wholewheat banana, choc chip and pecan
I will let you know how the cups go...
But on a plus wholesome Australian wise i have used Australian owned
made and grown for everything but the choc chips! As the cocoa was
imported then made into chips here!!
x x

Getting his limp on

So poor Otto in his quest to keep himself super fit went for a run
late at night this week.
Alas the pavements are not as flat as in London with health and safety
craziness. And in the dark Otto came a cropper and injured his ankle.
X rays showed no breaks. But until he can walk unaided again the daily
training is on hold and everyone should call him limpy!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Those darned annoying tv ads!

You know those majorly irritating adverts. No win no fee!!! The ones we all wish would stop. But then more annoying ads will just take their place so we'd never win!!

Well An insurance company over here is actually using Erin Brocowitz. The real live Erin brockowitz to promote it's claim options...

If you don't know who Erin brockowitz is then hang your head in shame and go to your nearest blockbusters! Although I think it was released in the days of VHS...

I can't believe Erin brockowitz sold out...

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Friday, 23 April 2010

The day after the hairdresser

So I probably should have taken this photo yesterday when it was fresh
out of the salon!! But hair has been chopped and coloured with the
intention of looking fab when I get to interviews!

How to make money

What do you do when your cash cow hubby has unfortunately passed and
your zoo is on the verge of animal cruelty...
That's right. You whore your daughter out to the media and make
talking dolls... Well done mrs Erwin.

Thursday, 22 April 2010


Found the Margie! Quite an impressive specimen of a woman that mrs

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Say NO to the FOMO!

This one is dedicated to the fabulous Belle! And congrats on the job too!!

Say NO to the FOMO everyone.

So Otto's 30th birthday/Liam's arrival in Aus BBQ was very balloon covered and i even had the aussie flags from our twix leaving party up which i figure i'll put up the same week they reevaluate our visa!! It would have to help if i'm patriotic surely? Although most of Australia are now discussing whether or not they are racist. If they don't know by now... then chances are they are.

Or is it lack of political correctness?

I can already count on two hands the amount of shops i have seen where they golliwog dolls on display. Two even have a front window display of them!! Coming from a country where Robertsons were embarassed to have a tiny teeny golliwog on their jam jars this is rather different.

But that's a bit of a tangent from BBQ talk!

So in the absence of embarrassing photo's we found a fabulous little Marge Simpson doll on 'roids! if we ever find it and after i sterilise it i will put a pic up... Belle you know what these guys are like. several things had to be put 'places' then thrown at each other, then there were drunken scenes of man love all over the place. Or was that before? Hmmm maybe throughout the night at various stages of drunkenness...

But anyway we put the Marge doll on top of a cake, had a sing song and candles for him to blow out. That was the most we could do to embarrass him. But he managed to have a very very merry time. Which made up for the fact he was celebrating a couple of months late.

There was a lot of drunkenness all round. but i ran out of wine quite early as we lost a bottle of wine (our 4th bottle) which i then found in my hungover munchy needing state this afternoon (Luz and i had finished two and Elaine helped us finish a third...)! So i moved on to cups of tea about 1am. Probably a good thing and lessened the hang over today. I really wish i could drink beer though - so much easier as there are hundreds of bottles left over today!!

The final taxi finally left at 3.45am. Which was fabulous as it also meant we could move a passed out Luz off our bed!! after being passed out in a chair in the garden for hours she woke up and had a second wind as far as our room and then crashed. There was some concern she may not wake up when the taxi arrived... but fortunately she literally jumped off the bed was screaming merrily at everyone the entire way out to the cab and probably woke the neighbours up too. ah well. Eoin has been the quiet neighbour for years so we had to change all of that in one night!!

Oh and Liam decided to shake trees and scare possums while we were waiting for the final cabs. It was quite entertaining as it did involve going in to the neighbours gardens... We'll see if this becomas a habit.

I'm afraid not a photo was taken of the night. But Belle, you have seen it all before, and it will be just the same when you get back. So everyone... SAY NO TO THE FOMO!!!

Friday, 16 April 2010

What we shall call "interception"

So the bbq being held tomorrow is being held for two reasons.

1. Liam's return
2. Otto's birthday (Eoin/Otto = same person btw)

So as a birthday party; and a 30th at that, we were going to use some childhood photos...

Having spoken to several people Patty suggested some golden ones where Eoin looked like a leprauchan and Elaine and I tasked their mum to dig out the photo's. Oh the plans we had with those photo's... An embarrassing pic on top of a birthday cake (otto doesn't do cake though) giant blown up posters everywhere - including out front where he wouldn't even know. there were many many ideas. all embarrassing.

I was advised by my legal counsel (Liam) that this would be a declaration of war no matter how innocently humorous the intention so it was though of some more and debated whether it was a good idea after all.

And then came the phone call that their dad would drop them round when in the area (yesterday). so more thoughts on how big they should be blown up. posters were unfortunately now out of the question because of the lead times involved, and if we'd wanted the cake that would have been a few more days lead time. so the only option was semi large prints at about 20". laminated perhaps?

All day we wondered what time he would drop them round. And then Eoin came home... the first words out of his lips "interception!".

Their dad had left them on the front porch as Eoin had left for work (no car in drive) and it was still about 7am so he didn't want to wake us up. Alas, Eoin is famous for never being really ready to leave for anywhere so he shortly after came back home for something and found the god damned envelope of photos!!

Interception = No embarrassing photo's for Otto's BBQ. Maybe next year...

Found a praying mantis in the garden.

Liam was shocked I hadn't seen one before. Only on telly with David
attenbrough explaining why it's eating the mans head!!!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Dark Wood Flooring - Heaven or Hell?

today i bring to you, not the news of any more kanga banga's or roo steaks but the debate on dark wood flooring.

i like dark wood flooring. it has good and bad points. like when the landlady's lover came to seal the cracks in the walls of our bedroom he moved a draw unit and it gouged the floor so we now have some lines that are no longer dark wood. a tragedy as Eoin has spent two years keeping these floors immaculate.

bad points with dark flooring - how can you see scary spiders when they blend with the floor...

with any country, when the cold weather comes, in comes the creepy crawlies looking for someones warm shoes to climb into. and as the nights are now colder (i wore a long sleeved vest out yersterday it's that cold...) the spiders are coming...

I will hear liam running around bumping into things and when i ask what he's doing he just tells me "you don't want to know". He's right. i didn't. But i now know.

the kitchen is fake tile lanolin so that is where we find the spiders. we all know that spiders don't tend to run around open plan kitchens so the though of how many are running around the rest of the dark floored house versus the ones we do see....

Although the thought petrifies me of these things running under my feet in the lounge, under my bed while i sleep....

my decision on dark wood flooring is quite a simple one... ignorance is bliss. if i saw all the spiders everywhere i would have a nervous breakdown. i know this. liam knows this. which is why he tells me to move rather quickly sometimes as he doesn't want me to see the proximity in which the giant black monster akin to a tarantula (slight exaggeration i know) is running around the floor.

but with ignorance it's bliss.  a tip for you all - never walk round a dark floored house in winter with no shoes on. it's your flip flops/slippers or your skin that gets two fangs in. and i know which i'd prefer!!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Kanga Banga's!

so in the supermarket the other day Liam and i are innocently pondering what to have for dinner when we find a fridge full of meat...

Roo-steaks and Kanga-Bangas! at the time i passed on the idea as all i could think of was fluffly bouncing animals and the theme tune to skippy ran through my head like a broken record over and over again until we settled on Lamb chops. then i thought of wales...

but today we did it... we had Roo-Steak. quite nice actually. very melt in the mouth and yet very hard to cook through. they like to be rare me thinks. either that or eoin's pan had a guilt trip frying up skippy... they had drenched it in a sauce that was rather salty to the point the inside of my mouth started wrinkling. but i'll forgive them.

next week Kanga Banga's!!