Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Lime and I have dogsat before. Ella is a pretty easy dog. She doesn't want human food. She hardly barks or growls. She's well behaved. And she listens to Liam even if she's ignoring me.

We dogsat for Ella before and it was all good. Except for chewed knickers and hose pipe. Little did we know that was due to evie's clever garden proofing last time.

This time we learnt the hard way that Ella likes chewing stuff outside. Indoors she is well behaved. But outdoors.... That's Ella territory. And if she wants to chew something. Then consider it chewed.

In our courtyard on floor level we had a bag of soil. And some plant pots. I have perforations to assist in irrigation in all my spare plant pots now. And if I want potting mix then I can get some from the flower bed where it has all gone. So Ella has helped us tidy and relocate out garden items.

What warms me inside is the thought that there may have been spiders in those pots which Ella has now gotten rid of. It's a warming thought. And also the thought that the hosepipe was left alone this time!

Monday, 16 May 2011

I heart natives

To talk of natives I imagine the majority of us automatically considers the indigenous population as the potential subject matter.

Natives when I buy them from the shop however are native flowers. Native to Australia and now that it's autumn they're all sprouting up and very well priced against non indigenous flower varieties such as tulips and roses. It's amazing what being so far away from a natural habitat can do for flower prices...

These fabulous natives were from Evie for my birthday and also for dog sitting (that may well be my next blog entry...). The main 'flower' at the front looks something across between the Audrey 2 (little shop of horrors) and a Scottish thistle. And there are heather-like branches in there too. Although they are a lot tougher a branch than the English heather I remember. I think lack of water for many many years toughened these plants up during their evolution.

The sad thing is. Even though these are 'natives' there are some plants up in northern Queensland which I'd love to have in our courtyard but can't. Because the climate is oh so different just a plane ride across the same country they would die on my kitchen windowsill in the warm. Let alone out in the garden (which is weed infested and very soggy right now!).

Anyhoo when the red leafy flowers blossom in my natives I'll try and get a pic of those too. Even though my vase looks like giant pot pourri I really really like a good bunch of natives.

And that is true on many indigenous levels...

There are many more weird indigenous flowers I will share with you as they come into season. Australia don't tend to import. And they don't tend to grow anything, flowers and veggies included out of their natural season. Unless by necessity. So we can't buy mistletoe, cherries are gone now until late November, strawberries are in their second season but then should be gone until summer.

So while the natives are here they give a nice autumnal feel to the front room.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Le birthday et le 30's

Merci beaucoupes amies. For my birthday messages/cards/pressies it is official; I (but frandangles a whole 2 days before me) am 'in' my 30's.

I would say it was slightly daunting stepping over that threshold. But then turning 30 was more so. And moving to oz was even more daunting than that! So it would be slightly melodramatic to claim it was daunting.

My birthday was actually one of many 'firsts'. The first time Liam has bought me flowers since we moved put of Manor Court (a whole 22 months ago). My first birthday spent wholly with the McDonnells ( there was a birthday cake AND candles). Technically my first birthday spent in Melbourne (was in Queensland last year). And the first time I'd shared my birthday with other peoples days (mothers day).

Older birthdays are quite entertaining with presents nowadays. I don't know of anyone else has noticed - but it's all about the gift vouchers. Which is good don't get me wrong. As at this age we are more decided in what we want or need. And tactfully farming something off to the charity shop gets trickier.

Also it can be an excuse to go shopping. Which I like. The pressies I received this year include a prepaid credit card, spa voucher, a promise of a good pair of boots (when I find them), Peter Alexander voucher (fab pj's). So I have some good shopping options I think you'll agree.

It is also quite frustrating now turning 31 while still temping and not on career path. I may go on a post birthday mission to lead a more fulfilling life for a 31 year old... ;o)

But first stop.... Westfield...

Monday, 2 May 2011

A Right Royal Do

As the whole world knows Friday was a very British, very royal day.

And who am I to forget such wonderfully British pageantry from so far away?!

The royal wedding being traditionally early as opposed to normal folks late afternoon ceremonies was a perfect viewing time of 8pm. This is also perfect drinking time on a Friday night.

Armed with scones, fairy cakes, bunting, Brie and apple sandwichey things and a variety of other munchies I had a high tea for the Kate's. I say the Kate's because Lady Kate Patena of Melbourne had a birthday while Lime and I were in Sydney. So we owed her a drinky too.

Although in great debate whether the wedding should be such a world event I think the world should appreciate such an institution. They never fail to entertain. And draw crowds where ever they go. I know that I will keep an eye on queenys plans for Australia in October. And if she swings this way then I am sure I will make the effort to head in her direction.