Friday, 4 January 2013

Not as bad as I thought.

Couple weeks ago we had 39 degrees. It sucked. The wind was hot. There was no escape in the shade. It sucked.

Today it hit 40. And actually, it's not as bad as I thought it would be. There is no hot wind. An extra warm breeze yes.
But no scary warm wind that annoys you. And our humidity dropped a bit which made it a lot more bearable. It's amazing what humidity does to make it feel sooo much colder or warmer than England even when exactly the same temperature. All because of humidity. The way i see it. Is that England must be super cold and super humid in winter as all thy moisture in the air must be absorbed through the skin and chills your bones! Hence why we are coming back in July not winter for our visit!

iPhone weather is crap at forecasts. As everywhere else says it'll be 39 degrees on Monday... Eek. And ick. Cross your fingers for no icky warm wind!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Away for Christmas

Last night was the first night Liam and I spent in our own bed since 22nd December.

We left our home that weekend for our first and second Christmas with his family up the mountain (Mount Dandenong). And stayed through to Boxing Day. Fortunately Liam's parents run a bed and breakfast cottage up on the mountain which is lovely. And Lime and I were given a cottage for our time up there. Lush!

Then to escape the family but not return home we headed down to Torquay.

One of Liam's friends Dave has a family beach/golf house down there. And fortunately for us they were all off to Hawaii and the house was empty!

I say beach/golf as it is on the first hole of a golf course but just a 5 minute walk from the beach (and my dune).

It seems to be the thing for everyone to have a beach house in their family around here. And they all seem to be in Torquay! We had a few people pop through to say hi (such as the lovely Belle pictured) and a few others were local for some of the week.

But we had a lovely quiet new years eve in front of the Telly with wine.

Given the earlier weeks news (on my dune) I had at least one bottle of sparkling every day and am enjoying the lack of alcohol this week!

My dune.

That big old' Dune on the left - it's my Dune. I don't mind sharing. But officially... It's mine.

It became mine when Liam and I tried to climb to the top. And in failing to manage that he got down on one knee half way up and proposed.

So I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say it again. It's my dune now.

Friday, 14 December 2012

39 fricking degrees

The last day of spring, or November as we call it here was warm. It was warm like standing in the path of a hairdryer which also doubled up as a portable sauna.

To say it was uncomfortable is an understatement. It was icky and sticky and hair fluffy un tastic.

With Lime and I having a pitiful excuse of an air conditioner at home we made excuses not to go straight home from work!

So we went to wagamama's had smushed fruit smoothies and took our sweet arse time eating to ensure the traffic would have cleared and the mercury dropped before we headed home.

The house was 32 degrees inside when we got home... And given it was warmer outside we couldn't exactly open a window!!

The official decision is that if I don't have a permanent job by March we are moving rentals to one with aircon and a dishwasher and wait another year til we buy a house! God bless aircon and dishwashers!

Happy jedi Christmas!

As pointed out by Claire this week; it has been two months since my last blog. Boo. And I figured Belles arrival in Ausland and meeting me at Vic night market would be perfect. But no. I forgot to get a photo (sorry). And there have actually been a few things I could have blogged about. Although not very Aus specific.

I will post more this coming week. But for now I leave you with one of the coolest snowflakes I've seen in a while and a link to a load more x