Monday, 26 March 2012

The April mission!

Cake. Yum. 

'twas Mae's third birthday tea on Satdee. And although I missed it through a lurgy that has loitered in its early stages for too long Lime brought cake home. Yum. 

But cake is too yum. 

Last April I did it. Over 5-6 weeks i lost 5kg. A dietician told me that we eat quite well. But our normal food sustains my weight. No loss. No gain. Sustains. So I did it I lost 5 kg through diet alteration and deprivation. But it wasn't too bad. 

Several months on I have sustained that weight loss with just the normal Christmas blip. And so now it is time to deprive myself of yumminess once again. But with a carrot at the end. 

I have been lusting over a Radley handbag online. It is lovely. It has snowdrops embossed in to the leather. Tis beautiful. But expensive. And unnecessary. 

So my challenge to me is if I manage to lose 4 kg, so a kilo per week in April. I shall buy me the fabulous Radley bag for my birthday! 

That sounds like a bloody great idea to me. And what better motivation than a fabulous handbag at the end?!

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Friday, 23 March 2012

An apple a day shatters away...

I have of late despised my iPhone. It's 2 years old. My alarm stopped working when we crossed in to 2012. (it stopped for 2011 too) The main button to get it going doesn't always work. But it's lasted the 2 years. And tomorrow being our 2 year and 4 day anniversary of being in Oz is THE day we ditch our crappy current provider and throw ourselves at the mercy of Telstra. Telstra being the BT I suppose of oz. They're the only ones with reception outside the city walls. And it's tiresome not having phone reception in the backwater of Australia.

If I haven't mentioned it before - Aus mobile contracts are stiffer and more expensive than UK ones. Which sucks. But I still refuse to act like a poor student and go prepaid/ pay as you go. I've never had pay as you go. Never want one. I'm not a poor student.

So we have waited our two years and tomorrow is it. D day.

I know my iPhone has been suspicious for a while. More and more random quirks have been appearing. And after refusing to allow any incoming calls today until gone 5pm and refusing to allow me to check my voicemails even though it diverted everything to me bleedin voicemail it made a bid for freedom as I stepped out of the office and in to the sunlight.

Silly silly iPhone. You don't have legs. And oh yeah, concrete hurts.

So instead of being used as an interim iPod (mine is from 2005 and refuses to recognize the computer so can't upload or jiggle my playlists) this lump of shattered poop shall be binned. And it shall be binned while still wearing it's shameful clothing choice for today - cellotape. Actually, silly shattered poop is wearing imitation cellotape by the name of 'sticky tape'. That is how low things have gotten.

But admittedly; other than trying to cut my fingers open (hence te sticky tape) it is still working! I write this now from the shattered poop. And the screen is clear. No stupid black smudges like nokia smashed screens would torture you with. Bless my silly suicidal iPhone. And may it rest in peace a la bin.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Thermal stinkiness

It has been 5 weeks since my last blog. Time flies eh.

So quick update on the past 5 weeks.

1 Sonia & Isaacs wedding. 'twas fab. They looked beautiful. Loved it. See the photos on FB.

2 NZ. 'twas fab. The country is beautiful. Loved it. See the photos on flickr.
The photo is of the Artists Pallette at the thermal wonderland in Rotorua. The whole town stank. And I woke up to the stench of sulphur and comfort inn and immediately started wretching. Ikky.

3 job. Still working for the government. 'tis fab. My FT replacement isn't quite cutting the mustard just yet so I'm working a combo of my old stuff and all the random things they need doing and never did. Such as emptying the kitchen in to the nearest op shop (charity shop) using a company car. Score.

There's lots more great news but it's other peoples news. Not mine. So I shan't share. But there has been another pregnancy announcement over here (seriously belle - they're breeding like rabbits!).

Anyhoo I shall run to work. But will blog again soon about the oddities of Kiwi driving.