Thursday, 24 May 2012


While you residents of England swelter in your 20+ degrees Melbourne shivers with gloves scarves and hats as far as the eye can see.

And even though it's an opposite winter to yourselves we still get hot mulled wine to warm our cockles! Yum!
So even the outdoor only riverside bars can keep us warm in winter.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Austerity pretzels = yum

I have already bought myself an afternoon coffee. Oops. Will bring in some fruity tea for the rest f the weeks afternoon drinkys.

My recent Women's Health suggested a handful of these yummy pretzels are good for you. I'm not sure I can stop at a handful...

My week of austerity

This week I will do it. I WILL.

I WILL commit to the gym at least twice. Maybe thrice.

And I WILL commit to spending less money....

Leaving my cushy Telstra job behind I also left an abnormally high rate of temp pay. And now I'm back on normal pay and this country keeps throwing 4 day weeks at me... I'm starting to feel the pinch.

So it's time I think of unnecessary expenditures. That coffee in the morning, buying lunch everyday, buying brekky when I run late, that afternoons coffee... These babies add up.

So this week is my week of austerity.

We have a coffee machine at home. So I will bring coffee with me everyday in my keepcup. Lunch will be pre made (today is last nights chilli left overs and I have a tin of soup that has been gathering dust on my desk for a few months). I have pre bought munchies in my draw such as über healthy cereal bars and mini pretzels to help me through my day to avoid any unnecessary trips to shops. As 7-11 puts a premium price on office workers afternoon sugar cravings. And they don't have very healthy options being a krispy Kreme stockist...

I am hoping that from 10-20$ a day I will cut down to an average of $5 per day once my shop is averaged out...

Ill let you know how I do. Austerity measures here I come...

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

You're oh so excited by my hair aren't you!

This isn't just any hair. This is birthday hair. And birthday hair rocks more than any other hairs!

For my birthday yesterday I took the day off and booked in for a long overdue color and cut.

And because it was after all not normal hair but birthday hair they were dealing with they got all excited and curled my birthday hair for me. Which is so much more lovely than curling my birthday hair myself. As I love my birthday hair. But that is a bit too much effort.

My birthday hair and I enjoyed our day off. The sun shone ALL day. Not a cloud was in the sky. And it was a beautiful 20 degrees.

Lime came home and my birthday hair and I opened our presents and had a yummy steak dinner and then pootled off to the cinema where we sat in an oversized reclining armchair with cocktails, popcorn and peanut m&m's.

Birthday hair and I had a fab time. Although birthday hair was less curly and more 'kinked' before we reached the cinema.

Birthday hair and I would like to thank you for your birthday messages. And we love you all (an birthday hair will be back in 364 days).

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Better than creme eggs!

Charlotte sent me a chocolate delivery for Easter and for my birthday. YUM.

Its all gone now... Whoops.

But I am soooo impressed with splats!

The chocolate/fondant egg ratio is sooo much better. And they're so munchy an yummy...

Suffice to say that between deliveries, lack of commitment and a little bit of sickness - I have not lost the target weight to buy my fabulous Radley bag.

But.... As its Aussie mothers day next weekend... I did buy me and mum a Radley tote bag each. Yey!

That doesn't really count as cheating right...?

But if you haven't tried them yet - get on the splats!! And send me some too 😁