Friday, 30 July 2010

Unlucky for some

Let's talk bad luck and superstition.

I don't think I've ever truly been overly superstitious. I do believe full moons make peoples brains go la la. And I don't particularly like the number 13 but that's more not being on the 13th floor or the 13th person etc.

But as you can see from the pic we have collected our new door keys and there are 13 of them! 13?!
And only two are doubled up so far as I can see!! What the hell do they all do?! - I will find out tonight...

I realize there are some who would plain refuse these keys. And why the devil not! There isn't a 13th capsule on the London eye for that very reason!! And I'm sure some remote tribes still have ritual sacrifices in the
name of superstition. Many people are superstitious about killing spiders... What could possibly be unlucky there?! You're bloody lucky it's in a place it can be killed and not ten foot up if you ask me!!
But me - give me a ladder and I would walk under it. Let's walk over those black cat tracks and leave the rabbits foot in that cheesy shop! And kill spiders!!

Life is too short to have something other than laws or morales dictate what you do.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Fabulous Birthday Coat!

A very belated appearance in this blog. But it needed some serious
alterations before it could be worn in public!!
This is the birthday Burberry mac that the lovely Liam bought me for
my 30th birthday - isn't he good!!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

home sweet home

we did it! we finally rented our own unit!! photo's will follow as and when we get a chance and our internet gets connected. But we will finally have a space to call our own next week end!

It is a one floor unit. with a cute little courtyard, two bedrooms. with aircon and ducted heating. and built in wardrobes. thank god for everywhere in australia having built in robes! as the cost of buying a fridge/couch and everything else really begrudges you from having to fork out for  bedroom storage too!!

we may be living off the floor for the first week... but we have bought our plate sets/cutlery/toaster and kettle. so i can have a good cuppa. but just can't keep my milk cold. we may need to invest in a bar firdge to start with.... as i just can't not have a cup of tea!!

but of course this move also means we get to go to Ikea again. yey!! god bless ikea and let it live forever supplying us with scandinavian stuff we never even knew we needed. but we do. need it that is. how could the world turn without it?!!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Today I am frustrated.
Today I am irritated by hypocrisy and double standards.
Today I am irked by ignorance.
Today I got a shiny new photo ID to access the lift to the 32nd floor.
This is mucho useful as the receptionists are jumped up twits and
could go hand in hand with the aforementioned irritant.
Today my ears popped in the lift.
And finally today I joined a gym.
Happy 'today being yesterday already' people!
May those who irk you today yesterday and for all your tomorrows be
pooped on by pigeons.

Parents of the god kind

A few weeks ago now lime and I became first time parents. Fortunately not biological ones as yet. But the god kind.

The last time I walked into a church for purposes other than sightseeing was James foley's communion. So about ummm... 7 years? And the time before that was Claire and Dave's wedding. Or possibly vice versa. And Liam we had worried for some time could set alight walking in to a church. And his opinion on the catholic religion is 'well-formed' I think we'll say.

So the lovely Helena finally had the lovely Jasmin christened and lime and I had the privilege of being asked as god parents. The answer was of course yes. And so we went to church; found out Liam doesn't burn
in the doorway and our own god daughter wouldn't pose for photo's with us.

A lovely day all around. But alas no close up photo's so here is one of just me and jas the other week.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


There is finally now some real motivation for me to shed some weight. And yes I hear your "no you're fine as you are" crap and right back at you with the news I will be going to the Gold Coast in October and I will be going to the biggest water park I ever did see... Ever... Bikini's are one thing. But bikini's in front of people I now know and will see regularly from now on is another thing.

So with this and the news that my mum has three breaks in her spine I figured it was time to start the burning of fat seeing as I am an able bodied woman and have no excuses. Now now... Don't be naive enough to think I will stop eating. Diets schmiets. I'm not cutting out chocolate even if it meant the end of all wars!! Some things deserve sacrifice!!

But exercise does need to be begun... So Tuesday I called up and booked myself on one of these shiny new dance based exercise classes that even requires me to use my favourite dancing shoes for part of
the class. Those are in storage so I took my back up pair. But Bloody
good fun! Worked up a sweat. But oh-mi-gawd... The muscles that ache
today in places I didn't know had muscles!!!

Note to self - more stretching next time!!!

Thank you!

A huuuge thank you to all at National Express and BAA who contributed to my leaving pressie!

The lovely people got Liam and I a dinner experience voucher for a Thai restaurant coincidentally only 5 minutes drive from where we're staying.

The food was so yum! The restaurant fabulous. And the bottle of wine included after the champagne ended up being pink and sparkly as Liam had decided to drive and I merrily drank it all to myself... Much to the waiters' disapproval ;o)

And as our extra gift we received the ornate painted pot in the pic. Which will contain something fabulous once we get in our own place and
can show it off.

Thank you team two (and special contributing guests) x x x

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Eddie does Westfield

The adventures of Eddie...

Like all discerning customers Eddie is fussy about where he shops. Today Eddie did Westfield and loved it! But not the car park.

Meet the new family member...

This everyone is Eddie!!

He is a 1996 ford laser. And he is midnight blue. Eddie. Isn't he 4 tyres of loveliness?!! x x


In relation to T F I Friday. Mum HAS fractured her spine.

So when I said no breaks that was before the hospital called her back in to be restrained in bed again. Do x-rays change after people leave hospitals...? Or do they just then stop pretending they know what they're looking at and get a proffessional to do it?!

So everyone manifest happy healthy thoughts for mum. And mum will be better soon.

Love you mum!
x x
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Friday, 2 July 2010

T F I Friday!!

4 out of 5 days this week I have drawn blood through paper cuts. My skin is slightly shiny on certain sections of my hands fron packing envelopes. And I wear a combination of plasters every day to protect different parts of my hands dependant on the task. What I wouldn't do for one of Pru's hand wax treatments!!

And my mum; half way round the world fell out of the attic and ended up in hospital... Luckily no broken bones but now medicated and bed bound.

But... Good things: I got free chocolate at work! Two luuuuurvely massages (apparently here and there they just bring masseuses in?!) I would have had champagne and strawberries today if I'd gone to the
call centre. and I didn't have to change trains on the way home making this the earliest home from work night yet!!

So what does any good early home girl do... I go to the bottle shop (offy) by the station and await my mans return. Mr Liam has gone to buy us a car this evening!!

But thank f... it's Friday!!

Happy weekend drunkeness to you all!!! From a soon to be more mobile
(and slightly tipsy) nic x x