Friday, 16 December 2011

Sangria... It makes me happy...*

*Please sing the above to the tune of the Tequila song!

Every year for summer our Melbs version of Borough Market opens late on Wednesdays to help us locals get over hump day. And we do this with large sangrias! Unfortunately they mask their light alcohol content with cloves so you're tricked in to thinking there is more in it!! Lime did not like his sangria so I got his too - yey!! And between us we ate from the Nepalese, German and cupcake stalls and stopped for some gelato on the way home. Yum. And almost bought me a necklace but we forgot to get cash on the way and had spent it all on food. Maybe next week I'll take a photo of the ATM queue to demonstrate why you get cash out before you get to the market...

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