Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Christmassy time!

I realize there are still more than 90 days until Santa hops on his sleigh and starts his stupendously amazing trip around the world dropping presents down chimneys. But Christmas cake waits for no man.

Two weekends ago it began. And it will continue every fortnight with alcoholic feedings until it dons its marzipan and white icing cape and dazzles us all with its yumminess.

Yes it is an inanimate object. But it's yummy. And took 4 hours in an oven. And it means the Christmas countdown has begun! Even one of the department stores here has begun its Christmas store. Albeit rather empty of people (except me giggling down the aisles like a little kid).

Liam's just lucky that our decorations are in storage at his parents house so I can't get to them...

Merry Christmas Countdown!