Thursday, 31 March 2011

Anniversary yumminess

Today is the 6 year anniversary of me and lime.

I'm hoping he doesn't check the blog and see this pic. But he hasn't in the year we've lived here so I'm pretty safe.

But here is a munchy pic of cupcakes I have bought to compliment the yummy dinner lime will be cooking me this evening. We have snapper for the BBQ. Yum.

Although not as extravagant as the cupcakes lime bought us for valentines which had towers of marshmallows, Oreos and chocolate curls. These are so much yummier.

I miss the cupcake shop in covent garden. The size of those babies could make you diabetic over night!

We actually forgot our 5 year anniversary when we first moved over here. So I should ask for a present I reckon. But I'm not in to too much commercial crap for such things (lime isn't allowed to buy me flowers on valentines - but has been known to buy them the day before). Although I do like a good present. And lime hasn't actually bought me flowers in a rather long time...

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A Kate spade handbag circa 2001

2001 was a glorious year. Donna and I turned 21. And we headed to New York to celebrate surviving so long in to our 'adult' life.

Randomly on street corners there were these fabulous striped bags on sale by dodgy looking people. Although sooo tempted, I behaved. I restrained myself to just one handbag - a Tommy Hilfiger bag from Macy's. I still have that bag.

Funny story - my mum once looked at my Hilfiger bag and told me it was a bad fake. She was of course likening it to a Burberry bag. And yes, IF it was trying to be Burberry then it IS a very bad fake.

So back to the fabulous striped bag that I had non-buyers remorse over. That very summer in the UK Kate Spade landed on our shores with her fabulous striped bag collection in tow. Woe is me for not buying the rip off from a street corner of the big apple. That striped bag was frickin HUGE that year. And of course the real thing was out of my price range.

I sated myself with the fact I now owned some Kenneth Cole stuff for mere pennies from Century 21. But oh that striped bag...

My vision of owning some Kate Spade dwindled. I can't even remember seeing her on a shelf anywhere. But a fabulous thing has occurred - she designed a kindle cover perfect for my 6" kindle.

It's not a stripey handbag. And i cant directly attach a fabulous story to it's purchase or history (well - I have here) But it uses some of those stripes colours in 5 lovely letters. Hello.

I have already started the mass download of all free books on to my kindle. And I am sure that all of Socrates books will enlighten me on my train to work when I'm not playing with my iPhone.


Cows are full of wisdom truly they are.

The fabulous frannydangles has graced my postbox with a magnetic cow bookmark. The world is a happy place. Tis ingenious. As I have been folding over one too many pages of library books as late. Oopsy.

Love them cows.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Coffee makes the world go round

Some of you may disagree but coffee really does make the world go round. It powers the hamsters running round the balls inside the earths crust - obviously.

I know that some of you believe cigarettes, alcohol, music or even love may turn it. But no. Still definitely coffee.

Two Fridays ago Liam called me at work "I want to buy a coffee machine". The conversation continued briefly with Liam telling me which one, how much, what it does, blah blah blah. I ignored this as whimsical.

Saturday morning he takes a tired hormonal me to Harvey Norman's a furniture and electrical goods superstore if you will near to us. The tired and hormonal part of me really should have been fed and watered before being taken on such a stressful trip. Lime know better usually...

The second we walk in we are met by stefania the Italian commission loving coffee drinking coffee machine connoisseur. Who annoys the hell out of me as she won't let lime and I just Look the damned machines. Emotional breakdown almost ready - lime saves the day and gets rid of her.

As I have never even considered a coffee machine (I have my ikea plunger - the world is a happy place) the shelves are overwhelming. With way too many choices. Have you actually seen the twenty million types of coffee machine on offer?! The only thin I could agree to was the cup warmer. And lime didn't buy the cup warmer.

Part irritated at my part emotion part frustration driven strop lime took me elsewhere. He kept looking at this brand which I was 99% sure had an outlet store near our place. I was right. And we saved $500! So stroppy unreasonable girlfriend saved us money.

I hoped with my efforts saving us a ridiculously large bundle of money that he would sponsor a trip to the shoe outlets next door. As I've been very well behaved and haven't been there since Clare's visit (2 pairs of shoes were bought that time and Clare bought boots). But no. No sponsored shopping trip. Ah well. At least we now have fabulous coffee!


In the spirit of Easter we gave recreated the fridge draw of yumminess as seen at Christmas.

If you would like to make a donation the following berserk be observed:

Lime likes buttons
We both hate white chocolate
Nestle = ok
Cadburys = fabulous

And creme eggs ROCK

Thank you for your time and a special thank you to Clare for starting our Easter fridge door off.

Please note : the fridge draw does not look like it does in the picture any more. A little bit more sparse and in need of donations x x

Thursday, 17 March 2011

More 'art'

Another drawing of me. This time on my soap box of Mount Nicolagura putting the world to rights.

I endeavor to photograph all future artworks that involve me.

More 'art'

Another drawing of me. This time on my soap box of Mount Nicolagura putting the world to rights.

I endeavor to photograph all future artworks that involve me.


There is a new artist in the office. And with a very large white board available to use he decided that zombies have taken over our office (the tool has - who may as well be a zombie - but we shall call him the tool).

That's me being attacked by them I'm told. Circa 1995 though as I haven worn an outfit like that in a wee while!!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Wrong wrong wrong

But I'd still buy one...

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Polka dotty

From my fabulous Mrs Stevens for a leaving present I had a fabulous cake baked for me. And some yummy English munchies along with a fabulous tea bag holder and cool bag in red and white polka dot.

Claire - you must have seen the future as the world is going polka dot. I am very tempted to get a polka dot tea set. Even though the bedside tables an shoe rack from ikea really really should be prioritized.

Darn the grown up world where you need to budget for these things!!

But seriously - how fabulous are polka dots!?