Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Dental torture

With the nhs being one of the only medical bodies who subsidise dental work in this world; I ensured I was up to date with all my check ups x-rays and hygienist stuff before leaving sunny uk.

What I didn't count on is being cracked on the tooth by a flying I phone which set vibrations through the adjoining tooth causing part of my one and only filling to fall out...

So I went to the dentist and had my filling checked - all good just excess filling falling off. and then back again this morning for some advised 'preventative' work. That preventative work resulted in the birth of my second filling. Two fillings?!! I'm ashamed. Ashamed I tell you!!

Anyone who has had a filling will know the anaesthetic is quite entertaining when you're poking your lip an hour later and can't feel a thing.. Coffee burns - not so funny. Except I have a mild fear of needles... Irrational, unnecessary and with no definite origin I will not allow needles near me unless absolutely necessary. So there was no anaesthetic this morning...

Whether that was a good decision or not can be debated until the cows come home. But... My mouth is having flashbacks to when the drill first hit the sensitive part.. And my whole body shudders in sympathy. Can teeth hold pain memory? Not the worst thing I've ever gone through. Albeit toe curling, slightly torturous and 'memorable'. But not something I will either forget or wish to repeat anytime soon... Has anyone ever willingly pulled their toenails off with plyers? Isn't that a form of torture... Perhaps make the world a better place through torture and fix up peoples teeth at the same time!

Oh yeah and I'm having another drilled 3 weeks today.... Now if I can just gargle with bonjela for a few hours before... ;o)

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

65 (ish) days til Christmas!

As many will know - I love Christmas.

Being in a warmer (supposedly) clime does not change this. It merely means snow flakes stuck to the window are a bit redundant. Please do not confuse this with the thought of not putting snowflakes up. They will be there!

It actually snowed this past week end in the more Northerly Melbourne suburbs. Snow. I'm getting quite tired of winter now.

So I started the Christmas cake a month or so ago - as pictured. It had a good feed of Brandy last night and has now been hidden way for another two weeks for it's next feed. Liam doesn't like fruit cake. And he dislikes nazipan even more. So alas he will never know how scrummy my Christmas cake is. But Liams folks and family do eat Christmas cake. So it will not go uneaten.

Has anyone else started their prep for Christmas? I'm going to buy Christmas cards soon. I figure all the UK ones will need to be posted before the end of November so will need to start organising those. And I'm not quite sure drinking a mug of hot mulled wine while writing my cards in the summer months will be appropriate. So perhaps a pear cider over ice?

Friday, 15 October 2010

Summer in Melbourne

Well this is a little late seeing how we experienced the opposite to summer last weekend. Alas Melbourne after a seemingly good start to summer has deteriorated to rainy and humid conditions with frizzy haired women everywhere.

But the weekend before we went it was sooo lovely that Lime decided we needed our first 7-11 slushy of summer. I'm just not sure whether I've had one before. Although i know ive had slush puppies. So we decided this was my first. And I irritated the guy at the till by trying a little of every flavour before I chose... It's their own fault for having self serve! And so I chose a fluorescent pink one. The picture does not do the fluorescence justice. And I would advise everyone in every country to find out if your local 7-11 makes slushies. They really are just fab on a summers day.

And while snapping my slushy how could I not include nobby. Our new gnome. Isn't he fab? I couldn't find one anywhere but Liz assured me Bunnings had them and so they did!

Nobby has a red hat. Therefore Nobby is a redback killer. It just makes sense!

Extra Gold Coast

To help convey the message of crap weather. This was from the other apartment. It was a very good weekend away otherwise.

Monday, 11 October 2010

The jenga

Picture this - it's birthday's, lots of them. It's a weekend away, with lots of us. It's the gold coast, with lots of alcohol in those apartment fridges. Huge theme parks down the road, with lots of rollercoasters. Then it's rain.... And lots and lots of it...

It's hard to enjoy Queensland, the goldcoast or actually - pretty much anywhere when it rains. And it rains. And it rains. We are not talking April showers. We are talking weather warnings. Flood warnings. A dam to 100% capacity. Gale force winds. Oh yeah - and it's cold.

So when we finally ventured out in daylight (at least we think it was daylight behind that rain) we found a bar. And that fabulous bar had games. Jenga, poker and connect 4. Suffice to say the boys hit the poker and we ladies enjoyed almost achieving the jenga world record (it was googled) on a very very wonky table!!

I am now on a mission to one day own giant jenga....

Alas... Post jenga when we finally got to the airport last night (12 of us) only Liam and I made it home... Tiger couldn't land with the heavy wind and rain. And all but us were flying with them. Grrr (thank you jetstar!).

But here's to the jenga that brought sunshine to our rainy day. And here's to jetstar for getting us home even though we had to run across a runway to our plane through the gale force winds in the pouring rain.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

How many grand finals can one sport have?

Answer: 2

Picture the end of a football or rugby match and there's a draw. Not too much of a problem.

But during a grand final. That's another story and many a penalty shoot out and extra time I've seen through the years.

So imagine my surprise last weekend. There we were at the Price house for an AFL grand final BBQ. I ventured inside only to watch the important part of any game - the last 15 minutes. And not only do St. Kilda and Collingwood draw but as the full time whistle goes no extra time or penalty shoot out is prepared. All the players simply lie down on the pitch with exhaustion and despair. And I'm told there will be another BBQ next week... Hundreds of dollars per ticket.... People travelled from across the world to be there to support their team... And then... "see you next week for a rematch".

Suffice to say yesterday being such a beautiful day you could hear random "go the pies" calls coming from homes and the pies surely did go as Collingwood are now the grand final winners 2010. But having to play two grand finals to win... A wee bit tiring me thinks...

Friday, 1 October 2010

Bikini ready

The weather here has finally started to improve. According to the forecast we're due 20-25 degree days next week and we're only a month in to spring yey!

Alas this also means I am in no way bikini ready and am imagining me looking akin to beached whale next weekend up the gold coast... The past two years I have been too 'comfortable' and moving in with the folks ensured endless supplies or crisps and chocolate which I was banned from having in twickenham. Which I know I always complained about but now wish had continued at my folks!!

So I've been doing the gym thing. But when you work for the devil and you're sat in front of a pc all day long you start to graze somewhat.

The gym efforts will hopefully display more results by Christmas! At which point they shall be completely undone by all the yummy chocs sen over from the uk! Well- I can't be eating australian chocolate can I!!

For this entry I share with you my bikini ready reminder post it I have on my pc screen. Cute eh?! ;o)