Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

On a dull and otherwise normal Friday night - Lime and I jumped in the car and headed to a little unknown place called Shoppo (Westfield Doncaster).

We trudged around for hours (maybe only half of one hour) between Big W, Target, Coles and David Jones. "Too thin" "too thick" "too fake" "too green". No tree was good enough for Liam ad his stiff requirements for a fake tree. But there it was... It was away from the other trees, sitting on a display covered in brightly colored glass baubles with mini red babushka dolls dangling. It looked perfect - and they had more in stock - yey!

It took about 20 minutes to get it out of the store. There was a snow globe incident with an 8 year old (I'm sorry Pp & Dee- but there is now one less snowglobe in the world) and the mess those big things make when split open on a department store floor...

But here it is. My baby. Who is a foot taller than me. It took an hour to fluff and position each individual branch (they weren't attached to the trunk in the box) and then I waited til the next morning to decorate with Christmas music (Liam was out).

I'm thinking a few giant baubles to make it pop. And maybe some more garlands (not tinsel).

T'is Christmas people! And without Clare to help save me from a hundred baby spiders hatches from my tree (this actually happened last year) - the way forward is fake! No earwigs! No spider eggs! Good times!

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