Saturday, 3 December 2011

Gluttonous Gluten

I know two people who are officially coeliacs. And a couple more who choose to not eat wheat or gluten.

Many moons ago there was a dinner cooking incident where my dinner plans were thrown in to turmoil by sausages with 'rusk' listed in the ingredients. I wrote a hearty email to said producer of the only wheat free sausages I found. As of course rusk is made with wheat. Said producer was apologetic but did not compensate me.

In the quest to feed Donna it has never been hard, you just don't cook sausages you have steak instead etc. But in more recent years, I loved the ease at which I could buy gluten free breadsticks from tesco's or sainsbury's.

I may have aired my disappointment a few times at the limited choice in our Aussie supermarkets in comparison to the UK ones. But then what do we need ten different types of the same cream of tomato tinned soup for anyway?! (please don't remind me I said that next time I'm whinging).

But one thing they have oodles of is gluten free. It's like Australia was invented for Donna. The butcher is predominantly gluten free. Some of our local cafe's have a whole menu just for the coeliacs (or fussy) amongst us. And the supermarkets and bakers too.

Britain needs to catch on more.

But Donna, let me assure you - when you get to visit me in Ausland I will have a whole variety of snags on the barby! None of which (unlike that dinner many moons ago) will cause any coeliac complications!!

(and obviously a large selection of gluten free pastry yumminess!)

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