Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Another one bites the dust...

Oh the job hunt. The never ending, frustrating, hated job hunt.

I don't like singing my own praises at the best of times. But when no one will let me try and sing my own praises... Grrr...

A job that had kept me waiting for over a month since closing just to know whether I have an interview (yes they really really are that shit in Australia with their time frames) has come back and said no interview. Finally.

I'm more bloody relieved to know either way than disappointed in the lack of interview to be honest. Although it was a fabulous perfect job I would have rocked at.

I decided last month when I applied for this one that that was that. And after this one if I'm still not in my chosen industry I would give up and hopefully take my current government job if and when it comes up for recruitment. But Lisa left me. The only one who made this job fun. And now I just don't know anymore. Yes it's job security. Yes we want to buy a house sometime soon. But do I really wanna settle here for the sake of paid sickness/holidays and a better mortgage....

Sadly the answer could be yes.

Australian job market - you suck!

Monday, 30 July 2012

Burfday cakeyness

It was Limeys birthday on Friday (and Charlottes) and it was Limes mum Eileen's turn on sunday. Happy Birthday again to all.

So anyhoo Lime slow cooked some lamb. And I baked a cake (and some potatoes - but they don't come with chocolate so don't count) And we had the family down from the mountain. Mae watched Snow White and the Seven dwarves for the first time. Some bits were pretty scary... But we battled through (Mae wearing her snow white dress and clutching her Little Mermaid book) and it was all happily ever after in the end. Have you ever watched it? There are some scary bits!
And Liam, Otto and Archie pretended the washing machine was a car and Archie drove it for a while.

Kids can be so much fun! Especially when they go home hyped up/ tired and grumpy / in dire need of a bath with someone else!

Please excuse the poor presentation skills. I watch masterchef here and there so I know the chocolate smudges all over the plate are poor form. But who really cares anyway when there is chocolate involved?!

Happy belated and early birthday to everyone! As bloody FB mobile doesn't tell me when someone's having one!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Silly Australian Media

Yes. I bought it. I had to. No self respecting Brit wouldn't. It's like when those sickos are drawn to watching accidents. I'm not drawn to those. I'm drawn to the Royal family gossip and news. Screw Kardash-bigbum-vacuous hole-media-desperado. Give me the royal family anyday.

But oopsy. Me thinks they went a little too far with this one.

Just so you know. The pictures are all of the same scene. Them two. On the beach. Walking along and snorkeling.
Nothing dramatic. Not a blow by blow of her fabulous outfits she wore each day. Just a few beach snaps. But still naughty. (let me know if you want me to post all the pictures although that could be illegal...)