Friday, 1 October 2010

Bikini ready

The weather here has finally started to improve. According to the forecast we're due 20-25 degree days next week and we're only a month in to spring yey!

Alas this also means I am in no way bikini ready and am imagining me looking akin to beached whale next weekend up the gold coast... The past two years I have been too 'comfortable' and moving in with the folks ensured endless supplies or crisps and chocolate which I was banned from having in twickenham. Which I know I always complained about but now wish had continued at my folks!!

So I've been doing the gym thing. But when you work for the devil and you're sat in front of a pc all day long you start to graze somewhat.

The gym efforts will hopefully display more results by Christmas! At which point they shall be completely undone by all the yummy chocs sen over from the uk! Well- I can't be eating australian chocolate can I!!

For this entry I share with you my bikini ready reminder post it I have on my pc screen. Cute eh?! ;o)

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