Sunday, 3 October 2010

How many grand finals can one sport have?

Answer: 2

Picture the end of a football or rugby match and there's a draw. Not too much of a problem.

But during a grand final. That's another story and many a penalty shoot out and extra time I've seen through the years.

So imagine my surprise last weekend. There we were at the Price house for an AFL grand final BBQ. I ventured inside only to watch the important part of any game - the last 15 minutes. And not only do St. Kilda and Collingwood draw but as the full time whistle goes no extra time or penalty shoot out is prepared. All the players simply lie down on the pitch with exhaustion and despair. And I'm told there will be another BBQ next week... Hundreds of dollars per ticket.... People travelled from across the world to be there to support their team... And then... "see you next week for a rematch".

Suffice to say yesterday being such a beautiful day you could hear random "go the pies" calls coming from homes and the pies surely did go as Collingwood are now the grand final winners 2010. But having to play two grand finals to win... A wee bit tiring me thinks...

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