Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Mon petite jardin

Ooh what to do on a sunny weekend when it's still too cold to sunbathe... The garden of course! Or in our case the courtyard.

It's been irritating me how drab the courtyard looks so mr lime took me to the local garden centre for inspiration.

Everything that existed in the flower bed prior to this picture (dead ish looking bushes and weeds) was removed and pretty pink ad purple flowers planted. I also chucked in a few wild flower seed packets to see how they fare in the Aussie climate.

There were spiders and millipedes and centipedes and beetles and even a caterpillar. But all seemed happy with their new and improved courtyard. We even butchered a tree but only because we had to... Health and safety obviously. And it was blocking sunlight to my new plants...

Now all we need is a BBQ for a housewarming... Oh and then there's the front garden too...

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