Tuesday, 19 October 2010

65 (ish) days til Christmas!

As many will know - I love Christmas.

Being in a warmer (supposedly) clime does not change this. It merely means snow flakes stuck to the window are a bit redundant. Please do not confuse this with the thought of not putting snowflakes up. They will be there!

It actually snowed this past week end in the more Northerly Melbourne suburbs. Snow. I'm getting quite tired of winter now.

So I started the Christmas cake a month or so ago - as pictured. It had a good feed of Brandy last night and has now been hidden way for another two weeks for it's next feed. Liam doesn't like fruit cake. And he dislikes nazipan even more. So alas he will never know how scrummy my Christmas cake is. But Liams folks and family do eat Christmas cake. So it will not go uneaten.

Has anyone else started their prep for Christmas? I'm going to buy Christmas cards soon. I figure all the UK ones will need to be posted before the end of November so will need to start organising those. And I'm not quite sure drinking a mug of hot mulled wine while writing my cards in the summer months will be appropriate. So perhaps a pear cider over ice?

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