Monday, 11 October 2010

The jenga

Picture this - it's birthday's, lots of them. It's a weekend away, with lots of us. It's the gold coast, with lots of alcohol in those apartment fridges. Huge theme parks down the road, with lots of rollercoasters. Then it's rain.... And lots and lots of it...

It's hard to enjoy Queensland, the goldcoast or actually - pretty much anywhere when it rains. And it rains. And it rains. We are not talking April showers. We are talking weather warnings. Flood warnings. A dam to 100% capacity. Gale force winds. Oh yeah - and it's cold.

So when we finally ventured out in daylight (at least we think it was daylight behind that rain) we found a bar. And that fabulous bar had games. Jenga, poker and connect 4. Suffice to say the boys hit the poker and we ladies enjoyed almost achieving the jenga world record (it was googled) on a very very wonky table!!

I am now on a mission to one day own giant jenga....

Alas... Post jenga when we finally got to the airport last night (12 of us) only Liam and I made it home... Tiger couldn't land with the heavy wind and rain. And all but us were flying with them. Grrr (thank you jetstar!).

But here's to the jenga that brought sunshine to our rainy day. And here's to jetstar for getting us home even though we had to run across a runway to our plane through the gale force winds in the pouring rain.

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