Friday, 15 October 2010

Summer in Melbourne

Well this is a little late seeing how we experienced the opposite to summer last weekend. Alas Melbourne after a seemingly good start to summer has deteriorated to rainy and humid conditions with frizzy haired women everywhere.

But the weekend before we went it was sooo lovely that Lime decided we needed our first 7-11 slushy of summer. I'm just not sure whether I've had one before. Although i know ive had slush puppies. So we decided this was my first. And I irritated the guy at the till by trying a little of every flavour before I chose... It's their own fault for having self serve! And so I chose a fluorescent pink one. The picture does not do the fluorescence justice. And I would advise everyone in every country to find out if your local 7-11 makes slushies. They really are just fab on a summers day.

And while snapping my slushy how could I not include nobby. Our new gnome. Isn't he fab? I couldn't find one anywhere but Liz assured me Bunnings had them and so they did!

Nobby has a red hat. Therefore Nobby is a redback killer. It just makes sense!

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