Friday, 30 July 2010

Unlucky for some

Let's talk bad luck and superstition.

I don't think I've ever truly been overly superstitious. I do believe full moons make peoples brains go la la. And I don't particularly like the number 13 but that's more not being on the 13th floor or the 13th person etc.

But as you can see from the pic we have collected our new door keys and there are 13 of them! 13?!
And only two are doubled up so far as I can see!! What the hell do they all do?! - I will find out tonight...

I realize there are some who would plain refuse these keys. And why the devil not! There isn't a 13th capsule on the London eye for that very reason!! And I'm sure some remote tribes still have ritual sacrifices in the
name of superstition. Many people are superstitious about killing spiders... What could possibly be unlucky there?! You're bloody lucky it's in a place it can be killed and not ten foot up if you ask me!!
But me - give me a ladder and I would walk under it. Let's walk over those black cat tracks and leave the rabbits foot in that cheesy shop! And kill spiders!!

Life is too short to have something other than laws or morales dictate what you do.

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