Friday, 2 July 2010

T F I Friday!!

4 out of 5 days this week I have drawn blood through paper cuts. My skin is slightly shiny on certain sections of my hands fron packing envelopes. And I wear a combination of plasters every day to protect different parts of my hands dependant on the task. What I wouldn't do for one of Pru's hand wax treatments!!

And my mum; half way round the world fell out of the attic and ended up in hospital... Luckily no broken bones but now medicated and bed bound.

But... Good things: I got free chocolate at work! Two luuuuurvely massages (apparently here and there they just bring masseuses in?!) I would have had champagne and strawberries today if I'd gone to the
call centre. and I didn't have to change trains on the way home making this the earliest home from work night yet!!

So what does any good early home girl do... I go to the bottle shop (offy) by the station and await my mans return. Mr Liam has gone to buy us a car this evening!!

But thank f... it's Friday!!

Happy weekend drunkeness to you all!!! From a soon to be more mobile
(and slightly tipsy) nic x x

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