Wednesday, 7 July 2010


There is finally now some real motivation for me to shed some weight. And yes I hear your "no you're fine as you are" crap and right back at you with the news I will be going to the Gold Coast in October and I will be going to the biggest water park I ever did see... Ever... Bikini's are one thing. But bikini's in front of people I now know and will see regularly from now on is another thing.

So with this and the news that my mum has three breaks in her spine I figured it was time to start the burning of fat seeing as I am an able bodied woman and have no excuses. Now now... Don't be naive enough to think I will stop eating. Diets schmiets. I'm not cutting out chocolate even if it meant the end of all wars!! Some things deserve sacrifice!!

But exercise does need to be begun... So Tuesday I called up and booked myself on one of these shiny new dance based exercise classes that even requires me to use my favourite dancing shoes for part of
the class. Those are in storage so I took my back up pair. But Bloody
good fun! Worked up a sweat. But oh-mi-gawd... The muscles that ache
today in places I didn't know had muscles!!!

Note to self - more stretching next time!!!

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