Sunday, 25 July 2010

home sweet home

we did it! we finally rented our own unit!! photo's will follow as and when we get a chance and our internet gets connected. But we will finally have a space to call our own next week end!

It is a one floor unit. with a cute little courtyard, two bedrooms. with aircon and ducted heating. and built in wardrobes. thank god for everywhere in australia having built in robes! as the cost of buying a fridge/couch and everything else really begrudges you from having to fork out for  bedroom storage too!!

we may be living off the floor for the first week... but we have bought our plate sets/cutlery/toaster and kettle. so i can have a good cuppa. but just can't keep my milk cold. we may need to invest in a bar firdge to start with.... as i just can't not have a cup of tea!!

but of course this move also means we get to go to Ikea again. yey!! god bless ikea and let it live forever supplying us with scandinavian stuff we never even knew we needed. but we do. need it that is. how could the world turn without it?!!

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