Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Fabulous Birthday Coat!

A very belated appearance in this blog. But it needed some serious
alterations before it could be worn in public!!
This is the birthday Burberry mac that the lovely Liam bought me for
my 30th birthday - isn't he good!!


  1. Where did those reations come from? they weren't there last time. I had to go with the innit tho, I do live in East London after all. Isn't that the founding area for innit???

    But seriously...its lovely innit! Amazing infact! Big love to the Burberry mac. Good job Lime cakes!

    I have been reading all your blog updateds and loving them. I get them on my blackberry and read on the way to work but as you know to well I cant respond due to the lack of phone towers underground!

    Good luck with the move tomorrow. Hope your loving life in the land down under. London misses you dearly....innit! xx

  2. I think I maybe have been influenced by alcohol.. As have been unable to change them ever since innit. :o)

    The coat is fab. There are some trashy black hooded burberry coats in the office. But even the tailor said mine was the best kind!