Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Parents of the god kind

A few weeks ago now lime and I became first time parents. Fortunately not biological ones as yet. But the god kind.

The last time I walked into a church for purposes other than sightseeing was James foley's communion. So about ummm... 7 years? And the time before that was Claire and Dave's wedding. Or possibly vice versa. And Liam we had worried for some time could set alight walking in to a church. And his opinion on the catholic religion is 'well-formed' I think we'll say.

So the lovely Helena finally had the lovely Jasmin christened and lime and I had the privilege of being asked as god parents. The answer was of course yes. And so we went to church; found out Liam doesn't burn
in the doorway and our own god daughter wouldn't pose for photo's with us.

A lovely day all around. But alas no close up photo's so here is one of just me and jas the other week.

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