Saturday, 18 August 2012

Wet and cold.

Tish pointed out I'm not updating my blog very often.

I'm not. And that's probably because it feels like England right now. Rain. Rain. And more rain. It started raining last night and it hasn't stopped. Which is pretty much what English weather always felt like.

And it wasn't just last night. It been all week. And the month before that. Escaping work for the cinema on Tuesday I arrived as a drowned rat. I was so glad to take my soggy shoes off for te movie. And it was so ick having to put then back on afterwards. Boo!

If anyone ever tells you they are moving to Ausland and look forward to sunnier climes and warmth send them North!

Just two weeks left til Spring though... Gimme a couple of months and I'll whine about the heat like a good little English girl!

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