Sunday, 19 August 2012

Germany in Ausland

The only good German food place in London I can think of is the little Imbiß by the Thames in Richmond. I'm not ignoring the theme restaurants. You know the ones where you can hold a giant glass tankard full of German beer and drunkenly sing along. But they don't really count as places you can get good German food. And if you think the food there is good - go to Germany. You will be blown away! (and still get to hold a big beer).

I have been semi avoiding and semi drawn to a tourist trap in Melbourne CBD called the Hofbrauhaus. It's a German themed restaurant with giant beers available and full of backpacking Europeans from what I'm led to believe. And unfortunately full of overgreased stodge they pass off as German food. Shame. Please note - I have formed this opinion from friends and acquaintances having attended the restaurant. As such - don't try to Hock.

So when I noticed a place called Muttis on the drive home from work one day I knew I had to try it out. It looked subtle, unassuming, and yum even from the outside.

This week has been such a productively German week. I bought Erdnuß Flips (peanut flavoured crisps the consistency of monster munch - yum), Senf mustard (the best mustard ever) and some choc pudding sachets. Love the delis in Ausland! And then to top it off a fabulous German Saturday lunch with some chums.

The food was to die for! I haven't had such good schnitzel in so sooo many years. And the Glühwein was perfectly alcoholic (also available mit schuß) and the sauerkraut was the god damned bestest sauerkraut I have ever tasted in the whole entire world.

Seeing how England is so close to Germany I would love an explanation as to how it's taken me to move to Ausland to find good German food. But each of you that comes to visit is totally coming with me to Muttis for dinner or lunch!!

As a comparison with English food - fish and chip shops here do a fabulous fish or three. But the chips... Yeah they're ok. But they're not amenable to vinegar drenching. Mmm.... My mouth is watering...

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