Friday, 24 August 2012

Save The Date!

I have received several save the date cards through the years. And so now here is my holiday save the date email!

Most of you know I will be back next year for a holiday. And yes, I shall bring Lime with me. And he shall bring his golf clubs.

As it will have been anything from 15 months to 3 1/2 years since I've seen some of you by then i want no excuses. NONE.

It will be for approx 3 weeks. Two weeks of which should be the last two weeks of July. The other week could be before or after. It has not yet been decided. We will book our tickets early 2013.

So if you are already planning holiday for July or early August next year you will need to apply for permission to avoid me! I will accept groveling emails filed in triplicate with postal donations of chocolate from anyone who wants to excuse themselves from my plans.

Also - there are two key things I would like to share/remind people of.

1 Skype. You know who you are if this word makes you wince. Fix it.

2 whatsapp. If you have a smart phone get it. Then we can text and share piccies for free all day long. (and I may forgive your negligence of skype)

For those of you have both - you rock. Keep on rocking. And let's Skype again soon.

Mwah. Nic x

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