Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Another one bites the dust...

Oh the job hunt. The never ending, frustrating, hated job hunt.

I don't like singing my own praises at the best of times. But when no one will let me try and sing my own praises... Grrr...

A job that had kept me waiting for over a month since closing just to know whether I have an interview (yes they really really are that shit in Australia with their time frames) has come back and said no interview. Finally.

I'm more bloody relieved to know either way than disappointed in the lack of interview to be honest. Although it was a fabulous perfect job I would have rocked at.

I decided last month when I applied for this one that that was that. And after this one if I'm still not in my chosen industry I would give up and hopefully take my current government job if and when it comes up for recruitment. But Lisa left me. The only one who made this job fun. And now I just don't know anymore. Yes it's job security. Yes we want to buy a house sometime soon. But do I really wanna settle here for the sake of paid sickness/holidays and a better mortgage....

Sadly the answer could be yes.

Australian job market - you suck!

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