Thursday, 5 April 2012

Autumnul Yumminess

When the weather gets cool and you need some stodgy food of some sort what could possibly be better than slow cooked pork shredded all melt in the mouth like in a white soft roll then smothered with apple sauce?! Hmm? What? No. Didn't think so ;o)

Last week came the big chill. I bought new slippers. Fleecy lined and they come up my legs. Not uggs. A knitted patterned giant sock with a sole. The heating came on before I even considered leaving my bed. And all the summer clothes were stashed in the back of the wardrobe in a very big suitcase while all the jumpers were brought out.

But this is Melbourne... And as a girl at work said "you should have known better by now".

It has been mid to late twenties all week. No jumpers being worn. Maybe a cardy on the way to the station at the most. Or on the way home as the time change means the sun is down when I'm done at my gym after work. Boo.

And tomorrow Good Friday is destined to be 28 degrees. Hello Autumn! My name is Nicole. And I like you more and more!

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