Monday, 26 March 2012

The April mission!

Cake. Yum. 

'twas Mae's third birthday tea on Satdee. And although I missed it through a lurgy that has loitered in its early stages for too long Lime brought cake home. Yum. 

But cake is too yum. 

Last April I did it. Over 5-6 weeks i lost 5kg. A dietician told me that we eat quite well. But our normal food sustains my weight. No loss. No gain. Sustains. So I did it I lost 5 kg through diet alteration and deprivation. But it wasn't too bad. 

Several months on I have sustained that weight loss with just the normal Christmas blip. And so now it is time to deprive myself of yumminess once again. But with a carrot at the end. 

I have been lusting over a Radley handbag online. It is lovely. It has snowdrops embossed in to the leather. Tis beautiful. But expensive. And unnecessary. 

So my challenge to me is if I manage to lose 4 kg, so a kilo per week in April. I shall buy me the fabulous Radley bag for my birthday! 

That sounds like a bloody great idea to me. And what better motivation than a fabulous handbag at the end?!

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