Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Sickness v homesickness

Sick days. They suck. Especially when not being paid due to the non permanence of your contract. Yey.

Today, I sit here on my train to work deaf in my left ear. With a curious (and ugly) yellow blister type thing on my left tonsil. Yey.

To add to the nuisance of this sickness I have had the lurgy in various forms for over two weeks now. Boo hiss.

Up until now I hadn't really been sick that I can recall since arriving in oz. The odd bad headache, crippling cramps, hangovers. But the worst I'd had was homesickness. Oh what I wouldn't give to be homesick instead of real sick right now.

With HS (homesickness) it's very similar to normal S. They have the following mutual symptoms:
Desire to stay in bed/on couch
Lack of motivation
Potential to cry
Need for a hug (from your mum preferably)
You want it to stop

Unlike S, once at work HS disappears through distraction and busyness. It will randomly reoccur similar to morning sickness when you least expect it if you stop working/moving/busying yourself for too long. S however is consistent. And is generally sucky all the general time.

My spates of HS have decreased and yet my general S has increased. Are the two linked? Do we all HAVE to suffer a certain amount every year in some form?

For example: the littlest Miss Foley has just visited. This was fabulous. I was v sad after she left. But as I know I will see her in March 2012 it's ok. It's less than a year. I can survive that long easily. So yes I sniffled and perhaps got dewey eyed on the way home but not too much because I know it's not years away.

And 12 hours later I find a yellow blister playing with my tonsil... You see. Linked. We must all suffer a certain amount. Whether this be per year/decade/era I do not know. But I do know I am very glad I work in data entry with my deaf ear today.

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