Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Lime and I have dogsat before. Ella is a pretty easy dog. She doesn't want human food. She hardly barks or growls. She's well behaved. And she listens to Liam even if she's ignoring me.

We dogsat for Ella before and it was all good. Except for chewed knickers and hose pipe. Little did we know that was due to evie's clever garden proofing last time.

This time we learnt the hard way that Ella likes chewing stuff outside. Indoors she is well behaved. But outdoors.... That's Ella territory. And if she wants to chew something. Then consider it chewed.

In our courtyard on floor level we had a bag of soil. And some plant pots. I have perforations to assist in irrigation in all my spare plant pots now. And if I want potting mix then I can get some from the flower bed where it has all gone. So Ella has helped us tidy and relocate out garden items.

What warms me inside is the thought that there may have been spiders in those pots which Ella has now gotten rid of. It's a warming thought. And also the thought that the hosepipe was left alone this time!

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