Thursday, 9 June 2011

Birthday Post

For my birthday I was generously given a prepaid credit card and some money from my folks and Lime.

Instead of spending this locally however, I invested in to the UK economy and bought two Radley bags. The black one is from my folks. Blue from Lime.

Fabulous aren't they!

Any of you that have ever posted anything to me will know - it costs money. Generally 15-20 quid a package. Then there is the just over a week up to a month long wait for it's arrival. So how, do Radley send me two handbags in a humongous box for just 20 quid by courier that arrives in less than 5 working days?! How? I paid less than 20 with amazon. And that was for their 'expedited international delivery' and I'm still waiting... It's been over 3 weeks and it only had to come from America. Seriously?!

But thank you all for my birthday post. It's all been eaten/used/worn/spent. And I look forward still to my last remaining pressie from Charlotte and the girls x

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