Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Cyst- tastic

I have a cyst. Well I did have a bigger cyst. But that's another story.

The current cyst making headlines in my life is a rather unattractive yellow pea sized one playing games with my left tonsil. Oh the fun. The joy it brings.

Three weeks ago I was tired of just coughing EVERY time I put my head on my pillow. And there it was. Next to my tonsil. Red and yellow taunting me.

Now three weeks on it still hasn't moved on to pastures new. And next week I have an appointment for a formal debutante ball if you will between my cyst and Melbourne's medical community. Yippe yey.

This debutante ball will involve a syringe and more than likely some kind of restraint to stop my biting the nurse.

The boys in the office have drawn the attached picture on they whiteboard to commemorate my cysts presence. Bless em. Although it looks more like a booger...

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