Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Three Thrickin Degrees

Yesterday at 7am Australia time, 10pm uk time the temperature was about 9 degrees here and you lucky buggers over there had 26 degrees... At 10 at night!!! So unfair.....

This morning not only does our heating decide to stay asleep instead if warming my cockles. It is three fricking degrees. Seriously?! Three fricking degrees. It's 8am already and it's still three fricking degrees. My toes aren't cold but the rest of me is an I'm not impressed.

Did anyone (aside from those with Aussie blood) honestly think I would ever be complaining about three fricking degrees?! I knew it would get cold. But with a tragic summer and a loss of drought I was not prepared for this. I was not prepared for chilly nights and colder mornings where I would need more than a thick pair of socks to get me warm.

Mental note to all of you. Yes summer can be stifling if it bothers to be warm but DON'T come in winter. Or autumn. It's cold. And you can go to Devon or Scotland for that kind of a holiday. Or just don't come to Melbourne. I'm assured everywhere else is a few degrees warmer than us. What a surprise.

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