Monday, 16 May 2011

I heart natives

To talk of natives I imagine the majority of us automatically considers the indigenous population as the potential subject matter.

Natives when I buy them from the shop however are native flowers. Native to Australia and now that it's autumn they're all sprouting up and very well priced against non indigenous flower varieties such as tulips and roses. It's amazing what being so far away from a natural habitat can do for flower prices...

These fabulous natives were from Evie for my birthday and also for dog sitting (that may well be my next blog entry...). The main 'flower' at the front looks something across between the Audrey 2 (little shop of horrors) and a Scottish thistle. And there are heather-like branches in there too. Although they are a lot tougher a branch than the English heather I remember. I think lack of water for many many years toughened these plants up during their evolution.

The sad thing is. Even though these are 'natives' there are some plants up in northern Queensland which I'd love to have in our courtyard but can't. Because the climate is oh so different just a plane ride across the same country they would die on my kitchen windowsill in the warm. Let alone out in the garden (which is weed infested and very soggy right now!).

Anyhoo when the red leafy flowers blossom in my natives I'll try and get a pic of those too. Even though my vase looks like giant pot pourri I really really like a good bunch of natives.

And that is true on many indigenous levels...

There are many more weird indigenous flowers I will share with you as they come into season. Australia don't tend to import. And they don't tend to grow anything, flowers and veggies included out of their natural season. Unless by necessity. So we can't buy mistletoe, cherries are gone now until late November, strawberries are in their second season but then should be gone until summer.

So while the natives are here they give a nice autumnal feel to the front room.

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