Monday, 2 May 2011

A Right Royal Do

As the whole world knows Friday was a very British, very royal day.

And who am I to forget such wonderfully British pageantry from so far away?!

The royal wedding being traditionally early as opposed to normal folks late afternoon ceremonies was a perfect viewing time of 8pm. This is also perfect drinking time on a Friday night.

Armed with scones, fairy cakes, bunting, Brie and apple sandwichey things and a variety of other munchies I had a high tea for the Kate's. I say the Kate's because Lady Kate Patena of Melbourne had a birthday while Lime and I were in Sydney. So we owed her a drinky too.

Although in great debate whether the wedding should be such a world event I think the world should appreciate such an institution. They never fail to entertain. And draw crowds where ever they go. I know that I will keep an eye on queenys plans for Australia in October. And if she swings this way then I am sure I will make the effort to head in her direction.

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