Monday, 9 May 2011

Le birthday et le 30's

Merci beaucoupes amies. For my birthday messages/cards/pressies it is official; I (but frandangles a whole 2 days before me) am 'in' my 30's.

I would say it was slightly daunting stepping over that threshold. But then turning 30 was more so. And moving to oz was even more daunting than that! So it would be slightly melodramatic to claim it was daunting.

My birthday was actually one of many 'firsts'. The first time Liam has bought me flowers since we moved put of Manor Court (a whole 22 months ago). My first birthday spent wholly with the McDonnells ( there was a birthday cake AND candles). Technically my first birthday spent in Melbourne (was in Queensland last year). And the first time I'd shared my birthday with other peoples days (mothers day).

Older birthdays are quite entertaining with presents nowadays. I don't know of anyone else has noticed - but it's all about the gift vouchers. Which is good don't get me wrong. As at this age we are more decided in what we want or need. And tactfully farming something off to the charity shop gets trickier.

Also it can be an excuse to go shopping. Which I like. The pressies I received this year include a prepaid credit card, spa voucher, a promise of a good pair of boots (when I find them), Peter Alexander voucher (fab pj's). So I have some good shopping options I think you'll agree.

It is also quite frustrating now turning 31 while still temping and not on career path. I may go on a post birthday mission to lead a more fulfilling life for a 31 year old... ;o)

But first stop.... Westfield...

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