Wednesday, 1 September 2010

This is what happens!!

I don't know if you can read this. But this I read on the way home tonight in the freebie paper MX; the Melbourne version of the Metro.

It about a guy in England. So not even Ausland who killed a spider with hairspray and then lit a post-kill smoke only to blow the alcohol fume filled room up!!

This is exactly what we arachnophobes fear! Freak turns in events! Such as my gardens spider nest exploding baby spiders like EVERYWHERE!!

I did kill by hair mousse once. And set that alight once I was sure the spider was smothered. That was on my window sill by the way mum. I think you and dad were out so there was no one there to save me! What else is a girl to do.

But this article has taught me not to use hairspray. Although another fear of mine has been that the Aussie spiders are immune to hairspray attacks... Hmmm... We have a scary one hanging out by the front door so watch this space for tried and tested methods of spider death!!

If anyone has any methods they swear by please share!!

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