Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Lemon meringue nummyness

Since I saw it on her blog I knew I had to make it. Julianna of The Crumbs & Dirty Dishes blog (link to the right on my page somewhere) shared a lemon meringue pie recipe.

Officially it was the first thing I baked in the new homes oven. Followed by my choc-pecan-banana muffins this evening.

I had to use several google searches in the gram to cup/tbsp conversion process and it was a learning experience in how good the oven is!! And I made it in a tray slightly too big for the recipe but it was lemony yumminess none the less!

I took it round to ms Kate P's for judging, following her culinary skills of a saturday night dinner and it went down rather well with a cup of tea in between nibbles of Kate's yummy caramel slice.

So all yee who will be visiting chez nic-lime please ensure you give notice and I'll see what I can whip up for you!

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