Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The in home exercise

Beanbags. Beanbags are fun. Beanbags mould to your body shape. Beanbags are flexible in where you throw them. Beanbags are also a tiring form of exercise. You sit down to watch telly... Ooh you forgot the remote. Up you get to find the remote. So you settle down again... Ooh you forgot your cuppa. Up you go again. Then you're there with your cuppa and the remote and the phone rings... Up you get again...

It sucks getting out of beanbags repeatedly! They're bloody low! I like to credit the beanbag with zero weight loss as I just lose the effort to move entirely!! Let that phone ring! I'd even almost ignore a spider to save the effort in getting up off the beanbag. I said ALMOST. Let's not be too silly!

But no matter. This morning before I'd even left for work a fabulous thing happened. The men from Harvey Norman called and said they'd be delivering the couches in half an hour! Yey!!

5 1/2 weeks we have waited. 38 days. And 38 evenings sitting on beanbags. I would only advise beanbag purchasing for short people who don't have as far to get up. And yes I know I'm vertically challenged. But only those even shorter than me could enjoy a beanbag chair long term!! Long term being more than ten minutes...

So on my lunch break today I may go buy some fabulous cushions to compliment the one I threw on the couch this morning. Isn't it lovely?! I do worry for the cushions safety when it's alone with Liam. He seems to have a strange reaction to it... Maybe it's the material he's allergic to... ;o)


  1. oh yes cushions!!! You are your mothers daughter. With regard to Liam's reaction to the cushion - that is such a male thing, they can't help themselves. I think there is an element of inferiority complex. but the upside is in form of cushions miraculously multiplying while men are not looking, so the male gender will never win this one!

  2. A perfect cushion, shame about the sofa!!!