Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The washing machine

Across the English countryside there is a murmur...

"where do they have their washing machine?!"

"heathens the lot of them!"

Yes - our washing machine is in the bathroom. Due to some 'feedback' i thought we would talk about my washing machine today. Common practice down here in Ausland is not to have your washer in your kitchen. Most houses actually have a set apart laundry area. But some that are more purposely compact built- such as our unit, have the taps and space built in to the bathroom.

Liam says "why would you have it in the kitchen?" and you know - it actually makes more sense.

This is a country where they also have a lot of top loading washing machines though. Now I do think they are wrong. And the first time I used one I kind of put the powder in the wrong place... When Liam and I first bought washing powder here it took us about 20 minutes to realize we were on the wrong aisle as everything we looked at was for top loading machines. We mildly panicked that washing powder was not available for front loaders and could the store do an exchange?!! Seeing as we hadn't even used it yet...

But fear not they have their own section. And not only do they have all the normal vanish and persil (omo as it's called here) but front loaders also use the least water. Which in this country of constant water restrictions can only be a good thing!

Does no one in England have their washing machine outside of the kitchen?!

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