Thursday, 22 March 2012

Thermal stinkiness

It has been 5 weeks since my last blog. Time flies eh.

So quick update on the past 5 weeks.

1 Sonia & Isaacs wedding. 'twas fab. They looked beautiful. Loved it. See the photos on FB.

2 NZ. 'twas fab. The country is beautiful. Loved it. See the photos on flickr.
The photo is of the Artists Pallette at the thermal wonderland in Rotorua. The whole town stank. And I woke up to the stench of sulphur and comfort inn and immediately started wretching. Ikky.

3 job. Still working for the government. 'tis fab. My FT replacement isn't quite cutting the mustard just yet so I'm working a combo of my old stuff and all the random things they need doing and never did. Such as emptying the kitchen in to the nearest op shop (charity shop) using a company car. Score.

There's lots more great news but it's other peoples news. Not mine. So I shan't share. But there has been another pregnancy announcement over here (seriously belle - they're breeding like rabbits!).

Anyhoo I shall run to work. But will blog again soon about the oddities of Kiwi driving.


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