Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Grey v Red

Grey skies, choppy seas, but beautiful scenery.

Last weekend we went on our first camping weekend. It was at a beautiful little spot called Skenes Creek. With another 16 chums and several tents and a caravan including a giant Gazebo which was pulled in a very big trailer down from the big smoke.

There was midnight skinny dipping (albeit in undies - I still count that as skinny), an el scorchio camp fire, a new pregnancy (no not me!!), beer, wine, barbecued breakfasts, a seafood festival, damned good fish and chips (Clare - I've totally gone flake over barramundi these days), beach strolls, dog stalking, cute as a button Jerome, snail attacks and many bags of naughty munchy goodness.

And I came home red with sunburn.

The grey skies passed, and the thought of sun screen on a weekend reported to be bloody miserable in the weather stakes didn't enter my mind.
It's not as bad as Limes burn was over crimbo. But ouchy.

On a plus note, the drive to Skenes Creek covered the half of the Great Ocean Road Sonjy and I didn't drive in 2003. And it was beautiful even in the grey.

I just wish I had taken a better photo to share.

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