Monday, 6 February 2012


Happy Monday!

And oh what a Monday!! Lime and I slept in today. So no gym trip for me. The gym would have also involved me driving to work... Alone....

But we slept in, so Lime was in the car with me. Thank god!

At a set of lights a rather smelly car in front of us made me switch off my vents and open my window for fresh air. As it was chilly (albeit not as chilly as Europe currently) I wound the window up before the lights changed and in doing so I suddenly heard a crunch!! Yes. A crunch.

As I turned completely innocently having no clue what could possibly be crunching in my window I was confronted by 3 hairy Huntsman legs dangling at me!!

Shock. Panic. Depair. Just a few of the feelings I was feeling.

Lime reminded me to breathe. And told me I had definitely killed the beastie as there had been the crunch. Thankfully!

What perfect timing. If I hadn't crunched him there could be a beastie running his hairy legs all over my car.

But seriously. The scary scary thought of that being there... The then driving down a very busy 4 lane road and not crashing in to anything until I could pull over safely and Liam could save me.

Aargh!! Beware the hairy 8 legged beasty!

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