Thursday, 2 February 2012

Well hellllloooooooo twenty twelve...

2012 shall be a good year. I feel it in my bones. I can feel it in my residency.

But first - a catch up... On what is, has been and will be 2012...

2012's start here was el scorchio. 38 degrees one day. With no aircon aside from our bedroom the tv was moved in to said bedroom and has remained there ever since. We shall move it back at some point in Feb when we know it's safe.

My folks adopted a dog. Pop round and visit Toby (and my folks). He's a cutie. The little white Westy my mum always wanted except they bypassed the puppy training years and got him full grown and toilet trained.

Belinda returns to Ausland this year! Yey! We miss you Ms almost-a-Harte.

The Bailey-Browne baby will join us this year.

And many babies born at the back end of last year will meet me too! Lucky lucky them.

This is the year Lime and I want to buy a house. We wants it! Not until Winter more than likely (June-July). But this is that year where I get to nest and do my very own garden as opposed to a rental that I don't get to keep.

Today is the first train I have taken to work since November. With the summer holidays and most people disappearing for summer the roads and the city were sooo quiet so Lime and I drove in every day. Although now everyone is back at work - boo - and the 15 min drive is now 45-60. So back on the trains... Boo!

Hopefully this year will be one where ex's stay away and grow up and just let it go.

And not to mention the hopefulness of me getting a proper job!! Because that is what 2012 is all about. The settling year (hopefully).

The picture for this blog is of a beautiful beach in Rye where Eeeelaine and I surf hunk perved after a day at the Hot Springs. Boiling in a pool atop a hill looking out over the mornington peninsula was rather noice. But then yes... We arrived at the beach car park to dozens of near naked hunks preparing to surf... Hello Australia!

And that is my new years resolution (aside from skyping more); visit more beaches! I'm in Australia god dammit. I should go to beaches!!

Mwah x

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