Monday, 10 October 2011

You had to be there... Like Tony Blair!

Shoulda woulda coulda. I could have taken my iPhone to the wedding on the weekend. If I had I would have taken a photo on my iPhone. And I should have then used this photo on this blog entry. Instead we are left with tan in a can. (Belle - photos are uploading to flickr today while I'm at work so you'll see them soon!)

Back to my tan in a can. Oh tan in a can. You made my legs sparkle and look a nicer shade of pale. Thank you. And you stained the hotel towels and tiles too. Thanks. But I'm sure the tiles will come good at least.

The wedding of Billy & Kate is the reasoning for my tan a la can. Just for my legs. The top half of me caught sun lately, but the legs remain eternally pale.

The tan was good my legs looked even and unstreaky an the wedding was beautiful.

Kate looked gorgeous, Billy looked handsome. The service was lovely and the reception fabulous. Kate had decorated the hall out herself with the help of a few girlies and caterers came in to feed and water us. The barman stalking anyone who dared have an empty glass or bottle in their hands!

And as we were in rural Vic, there was a water tower next door which obligingly a couple of boys climbed up in the pitch black making some of us rather nervous as they couldn't use the stairs for the first 10 metres as it was gated. Fun times.

Highlights of the weekend:
Koala crossing my road
Fabulous wedding
A bear reading a telegram...

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